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A well-established housing society, Silver City represents a contemporary way of life, security, community, and a comfortable living environment with contemporary interior and outdoor amenities. Silver City promises to be a well-organized civilization with exquisite designs.

We are a fun, dynamic business that values its customers. Our main goal is to introduce modern, cutting-edge cities to Pakistan. We prefer to think and act differently. Our goal is to grow our projects throughout Pakistan, make eco-living practical and contemporary, improve customer connections, and identify clients who can take advantage of what we have to offer. Our goal is to create tight-knit communities in a contemporary, environmentally friendly environment, not merely housing developments.

One of Pakistan’s first eco-friendly neighbourhoods, SilverCity Housing Scheme, is something I’m proud to introduce in my capacity as CEO. Our main goal is to establish communities, not only structures and civilizations.
Midway through 2018, SilverCity was established with the intention of creating a contemporary housing society with affordable costs for the middle class and an emphasis on eco-friendly living. I’m happy to report that we have decided to use the Miyawaki technique to encourage a healthy lifestyle as a result.
Our successes continue to be driven by our loyal customers. In order for us to succeed, I’d want to thank them for their ongoing support and ask them to remember us in their prayers.

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Silver Miyawaki

What precisely is this procedure, however Miyawaki has recently gained popularity?

This approach for regenerating forests is named after a Japanese botanist by the name of Akira Miyawaki. It entails planting two to four different trees per square metre. With this planter process, a forest can grow in just 20 to 30 years as opposed to 200 to 300 years for a traditional forest. This method involves planting numerous native plant species close to one another so they can receive sunshine and develop in all directions. In turn, the plantation becomes roughly 30 times denser, grows 10 times quicker, and eventually becomes self-sustaining after three years.

Being green has an influence on us as humans as well as the environment. Merely being in or viewing nature, influences a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Spending time in nature fosters stronger connections, more social interactions, and a sense of community.

Smart Commercial

We are launching Smart Commercials in our Silver Community as part of our mission to best serve consumers and business owners. Many smart features, including free Wi-Fi, HVAC control, air quality monitoring, lighting management, occupancy sensors, smart parking, smart elevators, smart warehouses, and more, will be featured in Smart Commercials.

All of these amenities are offered in order to assure our members’ comfort and convenience. A smart system has several advantages, such as sustainability, resource efficiency, carbon neutrality, increased safety, and long lifespan. Everyone who uses smart building automation has a better experience.

Silver Eco Community

Rapid urbanisation has had a significant negative influence on the environment, contributing to climate change, unfavourable living circumstances, habitat destruction, and air and water pollution.

The idea of eco-communities and eco-life comes into play here. A traditional and purposeful community, Eco Life strives to be more socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally sustainable. Through deliberate physical design and resident behaviour choices, it aims to have as little of a detrimental influence as possible on natural settings.

For residents, living in a green community offers a host of advantages, such as better health and wellbeing, higher spirits, lower energy expenses, and cleaner air.

Buildings, parks, and insulation in sustainable communities are made of biodegradable and recyclable materials, which lessens their carbon footprint.

Key Factors Which We Are Focusing On Are The Following:

– To offer housing, water, and air of high quality

– To ensure the residents’ safety and meet their requirements.

– To create a space with a diversity of cultures to foster social interaction

Silver City Location:

silver city map
  • 4 KM From Thalian Interchange
  • 8 KM FromIslamabad Airport
  • 12 KM From Quaid-e-Azam Hospital


Jamia Mosque

Masjids serve as the focal point for all Islamic activities, including prayer services, charitable work, gatherings, and religious instruction. The Jamia Masjid’s architecture includes contemporary features to provide a modern space for over a thousand people to meet and pray. It is specifically constructed to provide room for a large enough gathering of people.

Every neighbourhood in SilverCity will have a mosque of its own.

The locals will find this to be convenient and comfortable. Each mosque will be one of the biggest in the vicinity and one of the most beautiful, with a distinctive aesthetic that will entice you to return each time.

Cycling Tracks

Going green is one of the main characteristics of Silver City Islamabad. We spoke what we meant. Cycling paths will be available in Silver City so that people can travel short distances. This implies that residents will exercise and that there won’t be any gas emissions into the atmosphere. A win-win scenario exists! Cycling tracks will also offer safety, so even your small children can get quite the workout, and you can turn it into an activity. They will also be a terrific place to mingle with your friends or neighbours.

A win-win scenario exists! It won’t just be a terrific opportunity to mingle with your friends on the cycling trails. So gather your buddies, get your skates or riding gear, and have a blast.

Community Centre

The community centre is the ideal location for all families to congregate and participate in activities. The following facilities will be part of them:
– Play area; – Indoor games; – Fitness club
Plus more
All of this is really far away! So go for a quick stroll to the neighbourhood community centre with your friends and family, and then organise your day or evening to enjoy your very own, private community centre!


Being sick and having to travel 30 minutes to the closest hospital? Once you’re in SilverCity, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Each area of SilverCity will feature a hospital where residents can check in and receive medical care. The architecture of the hospitals will provide a setting that is innately compassionate and healing, giving it the perfect setting for patients to feel at ease, receive individualised care, and have access to cutting-edge medical equipment.

SilverCity Hospitals will be more affordable and more accessible than any other private healthcare provider thanks to the most recent technology. In the SilverCity facility, qualified medical professionals and employees will be on duty around-the-clock, seven days a week, prepared to respond to medical and surgical emergencies.

Green Parks

Everybody, at any point of their lives, experiences occasional stress from their jobs and from their daily lives. A break is always beneficial, whether it be from school, work, or home, and what better way to renew your energy than a trip to the park or a garden? Invite a friend or member of your family, too! As you walk through SilverCity’s many green parks, remembering the Miyawaki idea of planting certain plants and trees, you can smell the recently cut grass crunching under your toes.

There will always be a park or lovely garden in SilverCity to explore, filled with a variety of fruit and flowering trees. SilverCity will be crammed with beautiful green forests and parks in every corner of every sector.

Swimming Pool

Rawalpindi and Islamabad experience a hot and muggy summertime climate. Swim in the pool to cool off; this is the finest approach to beat the heat. We provide an indoor pool in the community centre here in SilverCity. With the best cleaning system, residents will always have access to the swimming pool.

Thus not only is it always open, but you can also enjoy a spotless pool. Take a dip in the pool with everyone while you sit back, unwind, and soak in the heat! When Winter arrives, be ready with the cosiest heated pool so your plans for a relaxing swim may last the entire year!

Commercial Market

You can reach marts and convenience stores at any hours if you live close to a commercial area. The commercial portion of SilverCity will be brimming with the newest trends and brands the world has to offer, from the top spas and gyms to brand and retail stores. You can get anything here, so there’s no need to drive to stores at the ends of the city! For the comfort and enjoyment of the people, each Sector will have its own commercial hub.

Whether you’re already established or looking to start, SilverCity offers a place for you and your talents. Each commercial market will also have retail spaces for entrepreneurs who are eager to build up their own enterprises and startups.

Basic Facilities

  • Underground Gas & Electricity
  • Gated Community
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Water Supply
  • Sewerage System
  • Cleanliness Units
  • Underground Electricity

Plot Size

1 Kanal, 10 Marla, and 5 Marla

A well-established housing neighbourhood, Silver City represents a contemporary way of life, security, community, and a comfortable living environment with contemporary outdoor and indoor amenities. Silver City promises to be a well-organized civilization with exquisite designs.

Silver City Old Payment Plan:

silver city payment

Silver City New Payment Plan:

silver city

Pros & Cons:

Pros & Cons of Silver City are as follows:

Documentation Required for Plot Booking:

Silver City requires you to submit the following documentation for the booking including:

  • 2 copies of CNIC
  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 copies of NICOP for Overseas
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of your next of Kin

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about Silver City Islamabad:

Q1: What is Silver City, and how is it different from other cooperative housing?

An excellent eco-friendly living environment is being created for inhabitants of the Silver City Rawalpindi Housing Project at a reasonable cost. It was created by experts with years of experience in engineering, architecture, and other fields.

Q2: Is Silver City Housing Scheme a properly registered and incorporated housing society?

The Silver City Housing Project in Rawalpindi has received the proper approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Q3: Is this a cost-effective residential development?

Ans. Without a doubt, thanks to the flexible instalment plans offered by Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi. The management has played a key role in finding the ideal ratio between luxury and cost.

Q4: Does this society offer a high rate of return on investment?

Ans. Families can afford the instalment plans, and even small investors from disadvantaged backgrounds are interested in making significant investments.

Q5: Where is the Silver City Housing Scheme located in Islamabad?

Ans. The Silver City in Rawalpindi is near the Thalian Interchange on Girja Road.

Q6: Who are the developers of Rawalpindi’s Silver City Housing Scheme?

The Silver City Rawalpindi Housing Project is a partnership between SAREMCO Group and Laraib Associate & Developers (PVT) Ltd.

Q7: What are the facilities Silver City Islamabad is proving?

Ans. They offer 24 hour water, 24 hour electricity, 24 hour gas, 24 hour schools, 24 hour colleges, 24 hour theme parks, 24 hour supermarkets, marketplaces, and malls, as well as a gated community with security gates, CCTV cameras, guards, and other safety features.


The development of this society has one primary objective: to offer its citizens a top-notch, opulent existence. The most distinguishing features of this society are its convenient location, superb amenities, and low cost. Thus, Khushal Marketing highly advises that you seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to contribute to this society.