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Khushal Marketing is a company that was launched with the vision of a beautiful future. We have been true to our motto; working hard to make that vision come true. Of course, our vision will be nothing without your support. It is your trust in our work that has brought us so close to becoming the #1 Real Estate company in Pakistan.

With past glorious 5 years experience in the real estate sector the CEO finally decided to launch his own one-of-a-kind platform in the form of Khushal Marketing. The company under the visionary supervision of its CEO, Usama Khushal will accomplish monumentous milestones.

Khushal Marketing is destined to be the best real estate marketing company in Pakistan. We believe in the team effort lead by the Usama Khushal towards a better future

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Our Mission

Khushal Marketing is a real estate company that believes in offering legal and trustworthy property options. We are striving to spread throughout Pakistan and fill the gaps in the real estate industry of Pakistan. The industry offers a great level of potential that is existing to be utilized by new game-changing players like us. You can conveniently sell and purchase no matter you are local or overseas Pakistani. We believe in teamwork and the team of Khushal is 24/7 available to help you out with any property deal.

Our Vision

Undoubtedly, Khushal Marketing is the future face of Pakistan`s real estate industry. CEO has envisioned offering an authentic platform fully capable of handling sellers and buyers. The Khushal Marketing will enable the buyers and sellers to sell and purchase legal real estate properties with the highest level of convenience by just using your handheld devices. Every property deal could be conducted through Khushal Marketing.

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