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Silver City, an established housing society scheme, symbolizes modern-day lifestyle, security, community, and comfortable living environment with modern outdoor and indoor facilities. Silver City aims to provide meticulous designs and promises to be a well-planned society.

We are an exciting and dynamic company that is consumer friendly. Our focus is to bring avant-garde, state of the art cities to Pakistan. We like to think different and be different; Our aim is to expand our projects throughout Pakistan and make eco living viable, modern and strengthen customer relationships plus recognize customers that can benefit from what we have to offer. Our mission isn’t just to build housing projects, but our focus is to establish well-knit communities in a modern and green setting.

Silver City Owners & Developers:

As Chief Executive Officer, I am pleased to introduce SilverCity Housing Scheme, one of Pakistan’s first eco-friendly communities. Our top objective is to develop communities, not simply buildings and civilizations.
SilverCity was founded in mid-2018 with the goal of establishing a modern housing society with moderate prices for the middle class and a focus on eco-friendly living. As a result, I am pleased to announce that we have chosen to implement the Miyawaki technique in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Our devoted customers remain at the forefront of our accomplishments. I’d like to express my gratitude for their continuous support, and I’d like to ask them to keep us in their prayers so that we can succeed.

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Silver Miyawaki

Miyawaki has recently become popular, but what exactly is this process?

Named after a Japanese botanist by the name of Akira Miyawaki, this method is a forest regeneration technique that involves planting two to four different trees per square metre. With this method of plantation, a forest can grow in a short span of 20-30 years while a conventional forest takes 200-300 years. In this technique, various native species of plants are planted close to each other so they can receive sunlight and grow in all directions. This in turn, results in the plantation becoming approximately 30 times denser, grow 10 times faster and become self-sustainable after a span of 3 years.

The Miyawaki process forms complex ecosystems that are carbon neutral. This means that carbon absorption is improved drastically, resulting in purified oxygen, biodiversity, lowering temperatures, and nutritious soil.
The purpose of introducing this concept is to make our community carbon neutral and our plan is to plant Miyawaki forests in green areas of our community.

Not only does going green impact the environment, but it impacts us as individuals. Simply being in or seeing nature, affects a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Time spent in nature increases social interactions, improves connections and encourages feelings of belongings in a community.

Smart Commercial

As our goal is to facilitate business owners and consumers in the best possible ways, we are introducing Smart Commercials in our Silver Community. Smart Commercials will be filled with a plethora of smart features, such as: free Wi-Fi system, HVAC management, air quality monitoring, lighting management, occupancy sensors, smart parking, smart elevators, smart warehouses and more.

The purpose of providing all of these facilities is to ensure convenience and comfort for our members. The benefits of a smart system are many, including: sustainability, resource-efficiency, carbon neutrality, higher safety, and long life. Smart building automation creates a better experience for all people involved.

Silver Eco Community

The rapid increase of urbanization has had a drastic impact on the environment such as climate change, poor living conditions, destruction of habitats, air and water pollution.

That is where the concept of eco communities and eco life comes in. Eco life is a traditional and intentional community with a goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically, and ecologically sustainable. It strives to produce least possible negative impact on natural environments through intentional physical designs and resident behavior choices.

Living in a green community provides a wealth of benefits for residents, including improved health and wellbeing, increased morale, reduced energy costs and cleaner air.

Sustainable communities also rely on biodegradable and recyclable materials for buildings, parks and insulation, which reduces their carbon footprint and lowers energy consumption.

The Key Factors Which We Are Focusing On Are The Following:

– To provide good quality air, water and housing

– To provide safety and cater to the residents’ needs.

– To provide a place of mixed cultures to boost social connections

Silver City Location:

  • 4 KM From Thalian Interchange
  • 8 KM FromIslamabad Airport
  • 12 KM From Quaid-e-Azam Hospital


Jamia Mosque

Masjids are the center for all Islamic activities such as: religious education, charity work, gatherings, providing shelter and most importantly, offering prayers. The architecture of Jamia Masjid incorporates modern elements to offer a contemporary area for over a thousand people to pray and for them to gather in. It is specially designed to create space for enough people to gather in. 

Each sector in SilverCity will have its own mosque.This will provide convenience and comfort for the residents of that area. Each mosque will be one of the largest in the surrounding area and is expected to be one of the most beautiful, having its own unique design and aesthetic, making you eager to visit every time.

Cycling Tracks

One of the key features of Silver City Islamabad is going eco. We meant what we said. Silver City will have cycling tracks for people to cross over short distances. This means that no gas emissions will enter the atmosphere and residents will be working out.It’s a win-win situation! Cycling tracks will also provide not only a great opportunity to socialize with your friends or neighbors but also safety, so even your little ones can have quite the exercise themselves, and you can also make an activity out of it! . 

It’s a win-win situation! Cycling tracks will also provide not only a great opportunity to socialize with your friends. So grab your riding gear or roller skates, grab your friends and have a great time.

Community Centre

The community center is the perfect place for all families to gather and enjoy activities as well as host them. They will include the following facilities:
– Indoor games
– Play area
– Fitness club
– And more
All of this is well in the distance! So take a short walk with your friends and family to your nearest community centre and plan your day or night for enjoyment in your very own, exclusive community centre!


Getting sick and the nearest hospital is 30 minutes away? You don’t need to worry about that once you’re in SilverCity anymore. SilverCity will have its very own hospitals in each sector for its residents to check into and get treatment. The hospitals’ design will generate a naturally caring and healing environment, making it an ideal venue for patients to feel comfortable, receive personalized treatment and access to cutting-edge medical technology.

With the most up-to-date technology, SilverCity Hospitals will be more accessible and less expensive than any other private healthcare provider. In the SilverCity’s facility, trained physicians and staff will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to handle medical and surgical emergencies.

Green Parks

Work and life can sometimes be stressful for everyone at every and any stage of their life. Whether it be school, work, or home, a break is always healthy to take, and what better way to refresh your mind than a visit to the park or a garden? Bring a friend or family member along too! Following the Miyawaki theme of planting selected plants and trees, smell the fresh-cut grass squishing under your toes as you trek through SilverCity’s many green park.

No matter where you are in SilverCity, there will always be a park or a beautiful garden, inhabited with different fruit and flower trees, to visit. SilverCity will be packed with lush green forests and parks in every corner of every sector.

Swimming Pool

As Summer rolls around, Rawalpindi and Islamabad have a hot and humid climate. The best way to beat the heat is to take a plunge into the swimming pool. Here in SilverCity, we offer an indoor swimming pool located in the community centre. Residents will have access to the swimming pool at all times with the best cleaning unit. 

So not only is it open 24/7 but you will get to experience a clean pool. Kick back, relax and enjoy the heat as you take a dip into the pool with everyone! Once Winter starts, be prepared for the most comfortable heated pool, so your plans for a pleasant swim continue for the whole year!

Commercial Market

Being near a commercial area means you have access to marts and convenience stores at the oddest of hours. From the best spas and gyms to brand and retail stores, SilverCity’s commercial area will be packed with the latest trends and brands the world has to offer. No more driving to stores on the opposite ends of the city when you can have it all here! Each Sector will have a commercial hub of its own for the residents’ convenience and joy.

Each commercial market will also feature store spaces for entrepreneurs who are looking to open up their own businesses and startups so whether you’re already established or you’re looking to start, SilverCity has a place for you and your talents.

Basic Facilities

  • Underground Gas & Electricity
  • Gated Community
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Water Supply
  • Sewerage System
  • Cleanliness Units
  • Underground Electricity

Plot Size

5 Marla – 10 Marla – 1 Kanal

Silver City, an established housing society, symbolizes modern-day lifestyle, security, community, and comfortable living environment with modern outdoor and indoor facilities. Silver City aims to provide meticulous designs and promises to be a well-planned society.

Silver City Old Payment Plan:

Silver City New Payment Plan:

Pros & Cons:

Pros & Cons of Silver City are as follows:

Highest Affordability
Luxurious amenities
Prime Location
Futuristic master plan
Residential and commercial plots
All basic utilities such as water, gas, and electricity
Image of higher property prices in the society
Perception of non-approval of NOC

Documentation Required for Plot Booking:

Silver City requires you to submit the following documentation for the booking including:

  • 2 copies of CNIC
  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 copies of NICOP for Overseas
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of your next of Kin

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about Silver City Islamabad:

Ans. Silver City Rawalpindi Housing Scheme is being designed and developed to provide residents with an exceptional eco-friendly living experience at an affordable price. It was developed by engineers, architects, and other professionals with years of experience.

Ans. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has duly approved Rawalpindi’s Silver City Housing Scheme. 

Ans. Yes, without a doubt, due to the convenient Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi instalment plans. The management has been instrumental in striking the right balance of luxury and affordability.

Ans. Yes, the instalment schedules are affordable for families; small investors, even those from humble origins, are interested in investing in large quantities.

Ans. Silver City Rawalpindi is located on Girja Road, close to the Thalian Interchange.

Ans. Silver City Rawalpindi Housing Scheme is a joint venture between Laraib Associate & Developers (PVT) Ltd. and SAREMCO Group.

Ans. They are proving 24/7 water, 24/7 electricity, 24/7 gas, schools, colleges, theme parks/recreational areas, grocery/shopping center/markets/malls, peaceful/ healthy/secure environment, gated community with security gates, surveillance systems and CCTV cameras & guards etc.


This society is developed with one goal in mind to provide residents with a world-class luxurious lifestyle. This society’s primary characteristics are its luxurious facilities, affordability, and location. As a result, Khushal Marketing strongly recommends that you take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to invest in this society.

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Best Housing Project for Investment in 2022?

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